Frequently Asked Questions

“The KBBG has been invaluable for me as a start-up company, as the KBBG has given me access to a fantastic range of brands, which would have been very difficult otherwise. Manish Hirani, Moiety Kitchens – KBBG member since 2014

Q: Why should I join the KBBG?

A: We offer access to a vast range of leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers, including unique Private Label kitchen furniture ranges from manufacturers such as Nobilia, Beckermann and Nolte. Best of all, our members enjoy exclusive buying conditions, supplier offers, promotions and annual bonus payments of up to 11%.

Q: I already have direct accounts with KBBG suppliers, so will I still benefit from being a member?

A: Yes, most of our suppliers will offer the exclusive KBBG buying conditions and annual bonus payments to existing customers. 

Q: How will membership effect my relationship with suppliers? 

A: Very little changes, you will continue to order, receive deliveries and pay your supplier as before. You do not even have to tell them that you are a KBBG member, we do all this for you - it could not be simpler.

Q: By joining will I loose my independence? 

A: No, we fully respect your independence. Our business philosophy is all about flexibility, as a member you can buy as much or as little as you wish. However the more you spend the more you will earn. 

Q: Is it expensive to join?

A: No, a lot less than you think. Unlike some buying groups that charge thousands of pounds in joining fees, the majority of our members will save more in their first twelve months of membership than their initial membership cost. Plus, there are no recurring membership fees guaranteed!. 

Q: As a member will I have access to all KBBG suppliers?

A: Most of our suppliers are happy to supply KBBG members with or without displays. However some suppliers do have a strict supply criteria that our members need to meet. We can supply details of which suppliers require a display commitment.

Q: How is the annual supplier bonus paid?

A: All bonus payments are paid annually in GBP directly into your business bank account. The more you spend with our suppliers, the more annual bonus you will earn.  

“Joining the KBBG was a complete no brainer as far as we were concerned.” Tony Marshall Two Guys Kitchens – KBBG Member since 2013

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